Five Movies To Watch As A Law Student

Law school will probably qualify as some of the hardest years of your life. From the amount of studying to the style of teaching to the required quota of students who fail a class each semester. It’s a different world, making receiving that glorious JD much harder than most realize when they confirm law school […]

The Top Alternatives To Netflix

Netflix used to look like they were unbeatable. They had a great a la carte DVD rental model and free streaming for all customers, offering unmatched affordability and flexibility. So what happened? Streaming happened. Once a simple bonus service offered as a free extra for disc subscribers, streaming gained popularity in the market to the […]

Apple WWDC: 2013 Recap

Today was the annual World wide Developer Conference held by Apple. The event opened with Apple talking about iTunes and App store stats with over 50 billion apps downloaded and 575 million accounts. To start off the event they introduced the company anki, an app-based game that involves racing cars. The app lets you control […]

NetZero Offers Free 4G Coverage for Free

Free is not a word that you hear when it comes to cellular data, but luckily NetZero is changing that. NetZero is offering free 4G data for the first year. This plan will include 200 mB of data with no contracts or commitments. While the data is for free you will still need to buy the […]

Giveaway: How to Code a HTML Website for Beginners

I will be giving How to Code a HTML Website for Beginners to three lucky winners. All you have to do is to Tweet with the hashtag #jmurphynation and like our Facebook page. I will be picking a winner of the giveaway on January 25, 2013, and announce the winner on twitter and Facebook.   Facebook […]

How to hide Unwanted apps without Jailbreaking

Are you tired of seeing Newsstand or any other preloaded apps on your iPhone or other iOS devices? Then you are in the right place. To hide these apps you will want to do the following: 1. G0 to on your iOS Device. 2. Go down to the Hide Apps no Jailbreak. 3. From the list […]