Will There be a iPad 3 out This January?

Apple the past two years have released the iPad one and two in January, but this year I do not think the will for a couple of reasons. The main resin is that Apple did not release the iPhone on their normal time from the past year so there probably won’t be a iPad 3 this year or it will be later because of the later release of the iPhone from other years. If they do come out with one like with the release with the iPhone it probably will not be a major upgrade since there is not many things that can be upgrade at this time beside the possibility of a better screen, and cameras. While the might upgrade the cameras I do not think they will since the camera is not made to take pictures for mainly just for chat related functions. Although many people want an updated user interface they are not going to get one most likely since Apple has been true to it roots and not really changed much in four years that iOS has been out. My feeling is that apple wil not release a major upgrade for the iPad 3 but instead release a smaller iPad to compete with the smaller tablets like the Amazon Fire and the Nook. If you are looking for a iPad 3 to be released this next year do not get your hopes up for any major changes if Apple decides to come out with one.

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