Product review: Evils Sticks


The Evil Sticks are a great alternative to the stock thumb sticks that come on the Xbox controller. They are just like Playstation 3 sticks, but just a bit shorter. Overall I would say that the evil sticks are a great buy for any one looking for a alternative to the traditional Xbox 360 sticks.

I would like to point out some pros and cons with the product. First of all the sticks give you a great edge on the other players not using Evil Sticks because they do move faster than stock sticks. They also do not seem to wear down as quickly as the stock sticks, while providing a better grip. There are few cons, however, the major con is installing them into the actual controller. The installation process is very tedious All together I would say that this is a great a buy for any gamer out there who is looking for an alternative to the stock Xbox 360 sticks.

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