FXI Cotton Candy VS. Raspberry Pi

Recently there have been two miniature computers that have come to the attention of the public. There is the FXI Cotton Candy, and the Rasberry Pi. Both are tiny computers that pack a good amount of power in a small package.

Lets start off with the Cotton Candy. The Cotton Candy is a dongle-sized mini computer with an ARM® Cortex™-A9 1GHZ processor made by Samsung with 1GB DRAM, wifi and bluetooth capibilities, and HDMI output. The operating system is either an Android operating system or Ubuntu,  a popular Linux-based operating system.

Now on to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer with an ARM1176JZFS processor running at 700 MHz with 128Mb or 256Mb of RAM depending on which model you get. The first model comes with 128Mb of RAM, one USB port and no Ethernet. While the second model comes with 256Mb RAM, 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port. Both models come with HDMI and Composite for video output and a 3.5mm audio jack. The operating system in this machine is Fedora, a Linux-based operating system. You should be familiar, or at least willing to try, command line operation of an operating system to use this computer.

To compare the two, lets start with the price. The price of the FXI Cotton Candy is $199, and the price of the Raspberry Pi is $25 or $35 depending on the model that you buy. Overall I would have to say that the better deal is the Raspberry Pi because of the price difference. You don’t get the 1GHz processor but you get pretty close to it with 700 MHz. A draw back of the Raspberry Pi is the lack of integrated Wi-Fi, you will have to use an Ethernet cable to access the internet. With both of these computers you also have the ability to be able to play high definition content, and has more buses that you can use. These computers both have the ability to insert SD card to ad additional memory and operating systems of your choice. Overall I would have to say that the better buy is the Raspberry Pi since it has many of the same features as the FXI Cotton Candy, but at a lower price. Raspberry Pi is also only in its first run of production, so they are hard to find right now. Either way, technology has done some pretty incredible things in such a tiny package.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think the best feature is.

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  • CQ

    Fantastic text! You written a lot and told nothing!

    • jmurphy45

      Thanks for your opinion.

  • David O’Reilly

    OK, firstly RaspPi outputs at 720p, and FXI CC at 1080p. Then they are for different uses. The RaspPi is essentially a basic computer that is designed to get kids back into programming at underprivileged schools. A great concept that must be applauded. The FXI CC is designed for its Android use and can also use Ubuntu. Which has greater value? Well that depends on what you want to use them for. So you can’t just use price. If you get the RaspPi don’t forget to include the cost of an itx enclosure and power supply. You didn’t do that, so quite honestly, your blog is pretty biased.

    Maybe just give a link to less biased views like tomshardware.

    And by the way you made the price point twice.

    • jmurphy45

      Thanks for the reminder I totally forgot about the power supply and case.