Web Listings Inc. Complaint

This weekend I got a invoice in the mail that seemed to be to one of my domain names that I currently own. Never hearing about this company I opened to see what it was about, and the first thing I saw was what looked like a bill of $85.00 for submitting my domain to 20 search engines with up to 8 keywords and monthly reporting.

Here is what made me question this- If you own your own domain, most likely you will know how to submit it to the search engines, and if you do not know how to, eventually the search engines will find your website if you have high quality content to offer. So why would you pay up to $85 dollars for someone to do it for you? Plus the envelope the send you doesn’t even cover return postage.

As you can see from the pictures below of the invoice you can see that Web Listing Inc. is hoping that you will think that it is a bill and not see the “This is not a Bill, and pay for a service that you can easily find out how to do on any of the search engines”

If you are going to try to sell something do not make it look like a bill that you would think you would have to pay.


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  • Patrick

    I’ve gotten plenty of those. 

    • jmurphy45

      Really from the same company or different ones