Apple’s WWDC: 2012

Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC has been set to June 11-15. Last year during this event Apple announced the iPhone 4 and iOS 5. This year Apple is probably going to release iOS 6 for sure, but I would not plan for Apple to announce the iPhone 5. It hasn’t been a year since Apple released the iPhone 4s last October so Apple has not gotten its full potential from the iPhone 4s revenue.

Apple will also probably introduce a computer upgrade to the Macbook Pro line and the Macbook Air line. They probably will introduce a 15inch screen to the Macbook Airs, and then both of the laptop lines will get a hardware upgrade to the newest generation of Intel processors.

Apple’s TV might be announced at WWDC. The “Apple TV” would be similar to the Apple TV device, but be a actual TV that will integrate you content from all your Apple devices. It will probably have connectivity to your other Apple devices.

What do you think Apple will announce at WWDC? Tell us in the comments!

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