First Impressions of iOS 6

The latest OS updated for the iOS devices is now out and available for download. There is a couple of things that iOS 6 has going for it, but on the other hand it also has annoyances too.


Redesigned App Store

Although the App Store is not a place that most people go to on a regular basis it is still nice that Apple redesigned it to make it more visually appealing and cleaner. With this update to the App Store we might actually see other parts of the OS get updates like the Home Screen and other Apple apps.

app store

Apple adding the Clock app to the iPad

With this app now on the iPad you can not use you only your iPhone as an alarm, you can use it on whatever iOS devices you want to. Although Apple put this app on the iPad they did not use the same icon so this could lead to some confusion about what exactly it is for the people that are not good with technology.

Facebook Integration

From iOS 5 update we got Twitter integration which allowed you to easily tweet from your iOS devices, and now with Facebook integration  you have two of the most popular Social Networks that you can share too.

iCloud Tabs

This feature has been a long awaited feature of iOS 6. Since now you can see what websites you are viewing on all your iOS devices.

iCloud Tabs


Lack of any customization options

Many people were hoping that iOS 6 would get customization options in the setting without jailbreaking, but we did not even get any added options. Apple does not have to give us all of them but a option to change the app icons like on the Mac would be nice.

You still cant delete Newsstand

The lack of the ability to delete Newsstand from your iOS device like the iBookstore is still annoying since you cant even put it into a folder to hide it from  all your other apps.

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