NetZero Offers Free 4G Coverage for Free

Free is not a word that you hear when it comes to cellular data, but luckily NetZero is changing that. NetZero is offering free 4G data for the first year. This plan will include 200 mB of data with no contracts or commitments. While the data is for free you will still need to buy the device, but luckily they aren’t too expensive. NetZero is offering two options, a USB modem for your computer ($49.95), and a WiFi hotspot that can be used by any WiFi-enabled device($99.95). After your first year you will have to go on one of their 4G plans that ranges from $9.99 to $49.95 a month. The obvious advantage to this is that you will get 200 mB of data free for a whole year, but 200 mB really isn’t that much and NetZero’s network doesn’t cover as much as one would hope.

Image Borrowed from The Hippest Phones

NetZero Coverage Map (image borrowed from

If you are in NetZero’s coverage area, you might want to look into this offer!
For more information you can check out the LockerGnome article at, and NetZero for more information at

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