Apple WWDC: 2013 Recap

Today was the annual World wide Developer Conference held by Apple. The event opened with Apple talking about iTunes and App store stats with over 50 billion apps downloaded and 575 million accounts. To start off the event they introduced the company anki, an app-based game that involves racing cars. The app lets you control every aspect of the cars to win the race including speed and weapons.

What most people were looking forward to most likely was the Macs. Currently the Mac is the number one desktop and number one in customer satisfaction.  As many were speculating there would be a new update to the OSX line and they were right apple is releasing a new addition to the line but they ran out of cats that they could name the operating system after. They took a new direction and calling the next OSX update is OSX Mavericks. This new line will introduce extended battery life, and many other features. One of the best features is finder tabs which allows you to merge all of your finder windows into one window making the user interface a lot cleaner.

With the addition to Finder Tabs the ability to tag documents was introduced this allows to to tag your documents much like tagging blog post or YouTube videos. You can also drag and drop documents into tags to easily organize your documents. Have you ever wanted to have the ability to use your dock and emu on any screen you had available to you will now you can with the Multiple Display feature in OSX Mavericks. To help to save battery life Apple has introduced App Nap. This allows apps that are not currently in view  not to use memory that could over wise be used to run apps that you are currently using.

We all know that password security is becoming important, and to help with this Apple has introduced iCloud Keychain. This works much like the other password programs out there that lets you store your passwords, and even credit card info.  iCloud Keychain allows you to access all of things you store across all your devices and logs you in automatically.  With addition to web related features of OSX Mavericks Safari now has an added sidebar that includes your bookmarks, reading list and shared links. Now you have the ability to use iWork in a web browser. It has all the functionality it would in the regular computer program just on the web. Apple’s OSX Mavericks will be coming later this fall.

Apple also introduced an all new Macbook air line with added hardware upgrades that will increase overall performance of your system. To steal the show Apple introduced what everyone was waiting for an all new Mac Pro line of computers. The new mac Pro is built around a thermal core with all new Xeon processor and ram. Dual workstation GPUs come standard with the Mac Pro and allows you to have up to 3 4k monitors connected to your system. To even add more, Apple added support for the  new Thunderbolt 2, and the Mac Pro is assembled in America. The Mac Pro will be coming later this year.

Not to say that all the other things announced weren’t big announcements but they saved the best for last.  Apple announced iOS  7.  The new iOS is the biggest change since the first iPhone.  Ten new apps were introduced at WWDC including: control center, multitasking, Safari, camera, siri, iOS in the car, app store, and music.newapps

One of the apps that people were waiting for the most was control center which allows you to control a variety of things on your iPhone.

controlcentercontrolcenter2You can even use the Control Center in the lock screen.  Although the previous iPhones had multitasking it has been redone by Apple to make it more user friendly giving you a preview of the app along with its icon.



One addition to the Keynote Apple made was the addition of iTunes radio which allows you to stream music such as Spotify and Pandora. It is cross platform working on both iTunes on Windows and all Apple Devices and being ad supported if you do not have an iTunes match account.




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