Google Music

As you can see, we are doing a bit of a companion review, one on Amazon Cloud player, and one on Google Music. Before we start, let me warn you that I mainly use Google Music on my Android phone, so most of the review is based on that. I have not used the computer […]

Star Wars 1313, LucasArt’s new game

I just watched the GT TV reveal for Star Wars 1313, the new Star Wars game franchise from LucasArts. I must say, from the little I saw, I was rather impressed. The game is a third person shooter (I would assume, though they never specified) where you play as an as of yet undisclosed bounty […]

Why you should care about Kony 2012

Kony 2012 is an Internet movement to bring attention and justice to a Ugandan warlord named Joseph Kony. Kony has been forcing children into his army, the LRA, which then terrorizes other parts of Central Africa. His crimes include rapes, killings, and other crimes against humanity. The movement is an attempt to get people to […]

Why students should use Google Docs

Google Docs, for those of you who don’t know, is a cloud-based office suite that is free to use. In laymen’s terms, Microsoft Office online for free. Its awesome for students to use because it provides tons of accessibility, sharing features, and did I mention it is free? Accessibility- Say I start an assignment on […]

DAZ 3D offers their commercial products for free!

I ran across this on a forum that I visit regularly, and I felt like this was worth sharing. DAZ 3D, a 3D software company, is offering three of their commercial products ABSOLUTELY FREE The three products include Hexagon 3D, a 3D modeling program Bryce 7, a 3D terrain generation and rendering program DAZ Studio […]

Hey Guys/Girls

I just want to say Hi! I’m a new writer for the site, I’ve been a bit of a consultant for the site for awhile (Usually a useless consultant, but never the less), and I recently edited one of the new articles and decided I’d like to be on board. Hint, I wrote the 7 […]