What to Expect From the iPad Mini

From the large amount of rumors that have come out in the recent months, there will likely be an iPad Mini. From this you can conclude that Apple is trying to create competition with the other 7-inch tablets in the market. The iPad Mini will most likely have a 7-ish inch screen, but most likely […]

First Impressions of iOS 6

The latest OS updated for the iOS devices is now out and available for download. There is a couple of things that iOS 6 has going for it, but on the other hand it also has annoyances too. Likes Redesigned App Store Although the App Store is not a place that most people go to […]

YouTube App removed from iOS 6

In the most recent beta version of iOS 6, YouTube has been removed. This is the latest exile of Google related apps and services from the iOS platform. The YouTube app has been on the iPhone since 2oo7 and the license to include YouTube in iOS has ended. Overall this is good since the YouTube […]

Mountain Lion Features

Overall I would have to say that this upgrade is a solid upgrade with a lot of features, but only time will tell if these features are worth the money of the upgrade.

Why Windows 8 Will Not Make it

Windows 8 is set to be released soon, but I do not think that it will make it in the long run. The PC market has been dominated by desktops and laptops since the market was created, but in recent years the introduction of tablet computers has changed that. Tablets have made operating systems move […]

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Over the years, streaming content from songs to movies has became a part of society. Two of the most common services are Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix is a monthly subscription service that streams video for $8 dollars a month plus another $8 to have DVD’s sent to you. Amazon is paid on a yearly […]